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Hamilton Caster President Co-Writes “Bringing Jobs Back to the USA” |Industry News

Hamilton Caster President Dave Lippert and industry veteran Tim Hutzel spent the last three years co-authoring a book that exposes the dangers and hidden costs of offshoring. The book, "Bringing Jobs Back to the USA: Rebuilding America's Manufacturing Through Reshoring" was developed to empower companies to bring operations back to the United States. 

The book tells the stories of companies that have sent their jobs outside of the United States and the negative effects these actions had on the quality of their products and services, employees, supply chain providers, consumers and communities. It examines the motivation these companies had to offshore their jobs as well as the errors of omission they made by not understanding the true cost of offshoring. Exposing the true costs of these offshoring initiatives to US organizations and citizens, the book supplies concrete processes to guide manufacturers in making offshoring and reshoring decisions

Lippert said manufacturing in America has allowed Hamilton Caster "create local jobs, stimulate the country’s economy, hire a more technically advanced workforce, and, most importantly, build the best darn caster in the world.”

Chuck Proudfit, president of At Work on Purpose and SkillSource Consulting, said: "Hutzel and Lippert bring a precision of presentation that one would expect of master practitioners in manufacturing. I encourage you to read this book not only as a primer on reshoring, but also as a point of inception for your engagement in the movement. How can you encourage decision makers and influencers to rally for reshoring? In essence, how can you make a difference?”

"Bringing Jobs Back to the USA: Rebuilding America's Manufacturing Through Reshoring" is available on Amazon.com (ISBN: 978-1-4665-5756-7, 245 pp., Hardback, $37.95).

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