27/01/2015 - 16:07 pm

Harrington AW Series Air Hoists Offer Spark Resistance in Wet Environments | Industry News

Harrington Hoists Inc. has introduced the AW Series (Ex) certified spark resistant wash down air hoists, which can be used in humid, limited corrosive, or outdoor environments where equipment must be washed or hosed off frequently. The AW hoists feature an unpainted aluminum body, stainless steel, and electro-plated external components, and the gear box and chain lubricants comply with FDA standards for use in food processing, food handling, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and hygienic environments.

AW Series (Ex) certified air hoists are available in 1/2- and 1-ton capacities with pendant, cord, or twist rod control and can operate with or without lubrication in the air supply. Additional features include a patented heavy-duty disc brake, reliable vane motor for smooth operation and controlled travel, a bearing supported planetary gearing system, and upper/lower limit switches. 

These industrial, severe duty-rated hoists are Ex certified spark resistant (*Explosive atmospheres that require features that reduce the risk of spark) to level EX II 2GD c T5 IIB T100°C and are in compliance with the EU ATEX Directive, which is a European safety standard for spark resistant compliance in industrial hoists.


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