06/02/2013 - 15:28 pm

Harrington Hoists Expands Manufacturing and Assembly

Harrington Hoists Inc. recently leased 97,000 sq. ft. of commercial property in the Elizabethtown, Pa., Conewago Industrial Park. The company occupied the space in early December and hopes to be fully operational by May 2013. Harrington has hired new people to begin operations at this facility. Additional workers will be hired after operations begin in April 2013.


The space is needed to support the company’s growth in North American manufacturing and the expansion of their sales. Harrington will house warehousing and assembly operations in this facility.  Operations, fabrication, and cell production manufacturing will remain at the Manheim, Pa., facility.


Harrington Hoists, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Kito Corporation, of Japan and is part of the Kito Group. Harrington’s additional manufacturing is part of a corporate strategy of global expansion.


“This move is a huge step in our global manufacturing diversification and will allow Harrington Hoists, Inc. to improve our service to the U.S. and the Americas” said Carlo Lonardi, COO of Harrington Hoists. Inc. “We have been very excited to work closely with our parent company, Kito Corporation, in the moving of both the sourcing and manufacturing operations to the United States for these particular products. The proximity to our suppliers and our Manheim resources has made Elizabethtown the ideal location for this new operation.”

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