18/07/2013 - 14:06 pm

Harrington Hoists Releases NER Electric Chain Hoists with Smart Limit Option | Construction News

Harrington Hoists Inc. has introduced their NER electric chain hoists with a new Smart Limit option. These hoists are available in dual speed capacities from 1/8 t to 5 t, and will be used in applications that require precise lifting, lowering and stopping, and for delicate or fragile loads.

The Smart Limit feature allows the hoist operator to program upper and lower smart limit positions directly at the hoist pendant, eliminating the production downtime that occurs when the adjusting of geared limits must be done inside a hoist body. Additionally, the hoist is equipped with a soft stop feature within the Smart Limit that slows the hook down as it approaches each limit for smooth and precise positioning.

Harrington’s NER Smart Limit electric chain hoist has the features of Harrington’s standard NER three phase, dual speed electric chain hoists.

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