16/12/2013 - 22:54 pm

Hawe Hydraulics to Introduce New Size of Axial Piston Pump | Industry News

At ConExpo, HAWE Hydraulics will present a new size to its V60N axial piston pump series. Its key parameters include: displacement of up to 7.93 cu. in/rev and peak pressures of up to 6,526 psi, displaying the power of this pump. Its specific advantage, though, is that it’s the only axial piston pump of this size that offers a standard torque limitation for the vehicle's gearbox.

The V60N-130 type is particularly suited for load-sensing systems working at operating pressures of up to 5,801 psi and supplying hydraulic consumers with different pressure levels and/or variable volume flows. Its field of deployment includes construction machinery, concrete pumps, general cargo cranes, communal and waste vehicles, cranes or forestry vehicles. The load-sensing system and a wide selection of intelligent controllers turn the pump into an energy-efficient drive for hydraulic systems, which aid compliance with such emission regulations as Tier 4 and Euro 6 in mobile work machines.

Taking into account the high operating pressures during the design of the hydraulic system, allows a size reduction of all components in the hydraulic control and lower their weight. In addition, this is of interest for crane cantilever arms or concrete pumps, both of which are built longer and longer.

The pump is flanged directly to the power take-off of the vehicle's gearbox. This way, the engine's power is transmitted directly to the pump without losing energy unnecessarily. Alternatively, with SAE- and ISO-standardized flanges the pump can also be connected to separate transmissions. The variation with thru-shaft enables the installation of an additional axial piston pump or a small auxiliary pump for ancillary functions and thereby to supply a second pressure circuit. With a width of 130 mm the pump has an ideal format for tight small spaces. Its two-part casing is extremely robust and long lasting and protected against deformations. Thus, the pump can easily withstand peak pressures of up to 450 bar and comes equipped with a short tensioning rod that connects both parts of the casing and provides extra stability and safety.



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