21/10/2014 - 18:38 pm

High School Students Take Part in Manufacturing Day at American Crane & Equipment Corp. | Industry News

In early October, overhead crane and hoist manufacturer American Crane & Equipment Corp. invited a group of 35 Exeter High School students to tour its facility in honor of Manufacturing Day. The school, which is located in Reading, Pa., has added a science, technology, engineering, and math (or S.T.E.M.) program into its curriculum and asked American Crane, along with other local businesses. to partner with them to support this innovative initiative.

After learning more about overhead cranes, hoists, and their applications, the students took a tour of American Crane’s six manufacturing bays. They walked through areas where activities such as material preparation, machining, welding, electrical assembly, shipping/receiving, and engineering occur each day. In addition, the students learned about manufacturing job titles like machinists, fitters, electricians, mechanics, as well as electrical, mechanical, welding, and structural engineers and designers.


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