13/02/2012 - 04:00 am

Hyster Debuts Sit-Down Electric, Combustion Tire Lift Trucks

Hyster Co., Greenville, N.C., has launched a new series of sit-down electric lift trucks—the three-wheel J30-40XNT and the 4-wheel J30-40XN. The Hyster J30-40XNT/XN Series offers lifting capacities of 3,000 to 4,000 pounds and a zero turn radius.

The compact design and zero turning radius axle of the J30-40XN offers maneuverability similar to a three-wheel truck, with greater comfort when traveling over longer distances. The truck’s newly-designed operator compartment features substantial floor space and a relocated multifunction display for better visibility and load control. The truck’s parking brake sets automatically when the truck stops, reducing operator motion.

A redesigned hood provides full battery service access. Using industrial strength components, like the exclusive VISTA mast, the J30-40XNT/XN operates longer, with minimal downtime. The lift trucks are available with a 36V or 48V, low maintenance AC traction and hydraulic motor. These brushless AC technology motors provide powerful acceleration and faster travel speeds even with a load, while also supporting quick lift speeds.

The lift trucks also feature four operator performance modes to allow performance to be tailored to the specific application of use and the operator’s ability, increasing overall productivity and efficiency.

Additionally, Hyster released the new internal combustion S50CT cushion tire and H50CT pneumatic tire lift trucks. The S/H50CT models, with lift capacities of 5,000 pounds use 12 percent less fuel than the major competitor’s average.

The lift trucks are engineered for agility and can move around in tight spaces with an electronically controlled Powershift transmission. The optional integral sideshifter allows loads to be optimally positioned and the responsive electronically-controlled inching adjustments gives the operator better control of load positioning. The trucks’ user-friendly design includes extra foot space, an adjustable tilting steer column, and increased visibility.

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