26/08/2014 - 16:44 pm

Hyster Offers Spanish Version of Operator Training Program | Industry News

Hyster Company has launched a Spanish version of its operator training program. The DVD set features Hyster Class I-V lift truck products and includes all the components necessary to conduct the classroom portion of an OSHA-compliant operator training program.

Although developed to meet U.S. OSHA regulations, the DVD content will benefit any operator in any application. Additionally, the Spanish dialect used will be understood by a majority of Spanish speakers, regardless of national origin. The program’s supporting documentation, such as instructor guides, class-specific tests, wallet cards and course completion certificates, is also included in Spanish.

The Spanish-language operator training is offered in two formats—a two-DVD Spanish-only set or a four-DVD English and Spanish combination kit—and is available through an authorized Hyster lift truck dealer.

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