23/07/2014 - 23:02 pm

Hyster Recommits to High-Capacity Forklifts | Industry News

Hyster Company reinforced its commitment to serving the high-capacity materials handling segment with the Hyster HUB event, which took place this summer in the Netherlands and Germany. The event focused on Hyster big trucks and involved an international audience of 400, comprised of distribution partners, customers, trade press, and Hyster global big truck team members.

During the HUB event, attendees witnessed the latest technologies and developments of the Hyster big truck line-up with live product demonstrations in industry-specific simulated environments. The product demonstrations illustrated the full-line capabilities of Hyster trucks. The majority of the event focused on showcasing the capabilities of Hyster’s big truck offering, including laden and empty container handlers used in ports and terminals, an extensive range of tire handlers purpose-built for mining operations, and a 36,000 lb. capacity lift truck with an extended 48 inch load center designed for handling large, bulky loads found in breakbulk and metal applications. Additional product demonstrations included forest product handling equipment such as the Fortis lift truck specially adapted for paper roll and paper bale handling, and a 65,000 lb. capacity lift truck for lumber applications.

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