21/04/2014 - 22:28 pm

Hyster Works with Seegrid to Increase Intelligence of Its Lift Trucks | Industry News

Hyster Co. is working with automated guided vehicle (AGV) provider Seegrid, to bring the Guided by Seegrid technology to its customers–specifically its lift truck customers. The Guided by Seegrid system delivers smart navigation without the need for wires, lasers, or tapes like other AGVs.

The Guided by Seegrid technology is designed to help reduce the total cost of ownership for certain lift truck fleets, with the idea being to offset labor needs and enable existing employees to be redeployed to value-added roles within the business. The handling of materials through automated transportation processes also helps improve facility safety and productivity, further reducing costs.

Brett Schemerhorn, vice president of marketing for Hyster explained, “The toughness of our Hyster products are matched only by their complementary intelligence to deliver a high level of overall value to our customers. We are excited to see how we can integrate more technology into some of our products with the Guided by Seegrid technology.”

Anthony Horbal, CEO for Seegrid said, “The rugged Hyster product line paired with Seegrid’s revolutionary vision-guided navigation system combines the best of two solid technologies. The relationship between our two companies provides Hyster customers the opportunity to deploy an important automation solution with a trusted equipment brand already used every day in manufacturing and distribution.”

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