19/04/2016 - 17:06 pm

Hyster-Yale Group Acquires Speedshield Technology’s US and UK Businesses – Industry News

Hyster-Yale Group Inc. has acquired Speedshield Technology Pty Ltd.’s telematics installation and distribution businesses in the United States and the United Kingdom. This acquisition provides Hyster-Yale with the exclusive distribution rights of these businesses’ products in all areas outside of Australia. Following this acquisition, the acquired businesses will be rebranded as HYG Telematic Solutions. The purchase of this business is a strategic acquisition , which is expected to provide a solid platform to expand the company's offering of  fleet management solutions.

 Today, Melbourne, Australia-based Speedshield Technology is the authorized provider of telematics products to Hyster-Yale customers, under the Yale Vision and Hyster Tracker telematics product offering. Following the acquisition, Hyster-Yale intends to further develop its capabilities and enhance its efforts to service the fast growing market for telematic solutions and fleet data analytics for material handling fleets.

The telematics application is currently offered in all new Hyster and Yale lift trucks and is able to be retrofitted into existing Hyster and Yale lift trucks, as well as lift trucks and allied equipment from other manufacturers.


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