10/09/2013 - 12:04 pm

Igus to Unveil Technically Advanced Energy Chains | Industry News

In industry news, Igus is set to unveil its latest energy chain cable carriers, the E4-1, at the end of September at a trade show that focuses on industrial packaging and processing. The E4-1 is designed for a broad range of industrial applications including use on cranes, machine tools, construction machinery, and robotic handling systems.

E4-1 features a double-lock design that  allows the cable carrier to be opened and closed using a flathead screwdriver. The lids can be removed from both sides of the carrier and are hinged on the outer radius for fast cable installation. The cable carrier's smooth interior combined with numerous cable separation options not only prevents cable damage, but ensures the cables remain secure while the carrier is in motion.

Contact noise is greatly reduced because of an integrated brake function on the cable carrier's radial stop-dogs. Rolling noise is also lessened because of the small pitch of the cable carrier. In addition, noise-dampening side plates and rubber profiles for guide troughs can be used to further reduce noise generation.

With E4-1, tight tolerances can be achieved even in extremely demanding applications. The pin-and-bore connections enable the absorption of high push-pull forces that can occur over long travel distances. Cable carrier wear is kept to a minimum because the large connections distribute forces over a significant surface area.

E4-1 is available in both an open or closed design for hot chip areas.

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