17/01/2011 - 04:00 am

Igus Upgrades Line of Gantry Cranes

A manufacturer of various types of industrial lifting equipment uses Energy Chain cable carriers from Igus on a line of gantry cranes predominantly used in paper mills. The cable carriers replaced expensive festoon systems, which were failing as a result of corrosion. An Energy Chain System is mounted horizontally on each machine where it guides and protects more than 250 feet of power cables. The cable carriers deliver a longer service life than the festoons in the dirty, wet environment. Temperatures peak at 125 degrees Fahrenheit and are accompanied by 100 percent humidity levels. The Energy Chains feature snap-open crossbars to facilitate quick and easy access to cables.

The lids can be opened using a screwdriver or simply by hand. In addition, the chains offer adequate protection, in contrast to the festoon systems, which left cables whipping and swinging around uncontrollably. They have reduced downtime and eliminated corrosion problems.
Igus delivers the cable carriers as ReadyChain: a pre-assembled, out-of-the-box system complete with energy chain cable carriers, Igus’ Chainflex continuous-flex cables, connectors, and other accessories. ReadyChain saves time and has eliminated storage costs.
Igus has been developing, producing and testing plastic energy chain cable carriers since 1971. They are capable of long and short travel distances at high speeds in all axes. Energy chains can be used in a variety of applications from machine tools and construction equipment, to medical devices, packaging machines, and cleanroom technology.
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