08/04/2014 - 13:57 pm

Industrial Magnetics’ New Preventative Maintenance & Service Program for Magnetic Equipment | Industry News

Industrial Magnetics Inc.(IMI) has a new preventative maintenance and service program that will assist its customers with maintaining their magnetic equipment, including corporate or regulatory audits and certification, service and repairs, and operations staff training.

The service program features a qualified IMI technician who can perform an on-site visual and mechanical inspection of all magnetic equipment and provide full testing documentation for annual corporate audits or certification requirements.  

The technicians have extensive background in magnetic equipment design and operation, and hold occupational health & safety certification.

The program's director, Ty Hawes, explains, "Magnetic equipment can potentially lose strength over time due to damage, exposure to heat and even electrical interference.  During our evaluation, we perform a magnetic pull test  to ensure that the magnetic equipment is performing within the acceptable threshold.  We also look for any excessive wear and immediately replace any poorly performing components or make any needed repairs or upgrades to the equipment."

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