25/07/2017 - 15:42 pm

Ingersoll Rand’s New Utility Winches For Onshore Rig Operations

Ingersoll Rand, a global leader in material handling solutions for more than 90 years, has introduced the Hydraulic Force SeriesTM, a new portfolio of utility winches for onshore rig manufacturers and operators in North America.

The Hydraulic Force Series winches are built to support material handling needs from lifting equipment, to racking and stacking pipe. Hydraulic Force Series winches save customers time and resources with simple plug-and-play installation and come fully tested as a complete system.

Jennifer Eckert, product manager for Ingersoll Rand Material Handling says, “In the past, rig builders had to source controllers, drum guards and other accessories from multiple third-parties to create an effective utility lifting solution. Throughout that process, equipment gets adapted, which potentially compromises the system integrity. The end-product is never tested as a whole system, leaving its safety in question. The Hydraulic Force Series winches give onshore rig operators and manufacturers peace of mind knowing that their winch system has been fully tested by Ingersoll Rand in the final configuration they need it to operate in.”

The winches are currently available in 8000 and 12,000lb capacities and the 1000 – 3000- and 6000lb will be available later this summer. All models come equipped with a variety of control options and a wireless-compatible interface to help maximise performance and align with advancing technology trends.


The 8000 and 12,000lb winches can be configured to include:

Tested controls – Ingersoll Rand assembled and tested controls offer easy, plug-and-play installation, reducing implementation time. Customers can choose between local or remote mounted controls.

Hydraulic gear motor – A multi-stage planetary gearbox provides winches with smooth gearing for operation in harsh environments.

Rope guide and press roller – The press roller applies tension to the wire rope reducing tangling. The simple, manual rope guide spools wire rope evenly when the winch is not under load.

Drum guards – Heavy-duty drum guards protect the operator while maintaining visibility of spooling while the winch is in operation.

Multi-disc brake – In the event of loss of pressure, an automatic negative static multi-disc brake supports safe operation.  

Pedestal base – A robust pedestal base places the winch at an operating height that is ergonomically friendly.


All Hydraulic Force Series winches ship with a test certificate verifying operation of the complete system.

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