06/10/2014 - 15:12 pm

Intercomp Adds Solar Charging to Wheel Load Scales | Industry News

Intercomp has built a solar charger into the scale indicator, which allows the portable wheel load scales to operate continuously without requiring direct power charging. This solar boost eliminates the need to re-charge batteries in between uses.

“Battery life is a top consideration for many customers, and the ability to operate without having to manually recharge just makes weighing that much easier and reliable” said Eric Peterson, VP of sales, marketing and customer service. “By building solar chargers into the indicators, we’re able to offer unprecedented battery life for our solar-equipped products and eliminate the need to manage charging and replacement of batteries; which not only benefits our customers, but the environment as well.”

Solar charging technology will be standard on all PT300, PT300DW, LP600, and LP600-15T wheel load scales moving forward. Charging cables will no longer be included, but are still available to be ordered if desired.


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