20/05/2014 - 15:19 pm

ITI and Hydra-Slide Add Module to Master Rigger Course | Industry News

Industrial Training International has partnered with Hydra-Slide Ltd., designer and supplier of the Hydra-Slide hydraulic skidding system to bring a new module to ITI's Master Rigger Course. The course will feature the Hydra-Slide LP-400 low-profile skid system.

Hydra-Slide hydraulic skidding systems move, load, and unload heavy cargo like transformers, generators, compressors, machinery, and more. The HT (heavy track) model comes in 300- and 500-ton capacities, and the LP (low profile) model is available in 150- and 400-ton capacities.  

In February 2014, representatives from Hydra-Slide and ITI saw the HT and LP systems in action in Alberta. First, the teams witnessed the HT-300 skid system in Pincher Creek, Alberta, load a 250-ton transformer from a railcar on to a Mammoet Scheuerle Trailer. The move was executed by a crew from Donald Rigging. Although the crew had to brave -30 degree (C) temperatures, intermittent snow showers, and wind gusts up to 40 mph, the elements had little to no effect on the HT System.

A demonstration of the LP-400 skid system took place in the ITI Edmonton Training Centre at the Enform Campus in Nisku, Alberta. In the training centre skills area, the teams from Hydra-Slide and ITI assembled and tested the LP System by skidding a five ton load nest. Although the 5-on load was just over 1% of the system’s capacity, the exercise offered plenty of insight into the system's ease of use, convenience, and overall safety of the LP System. After familiarizing themselves with the system, the teams assembled the skid track by hand in less than 15 minutes, jacked and blocked the load, lowered the load onto the skid tracks, then watched the module slide along the track.

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