14/01/2016 - 22:50 pm

J.C. Renfroe Clamps Perform Well in Independent Test

In an independent test of industrial lifting clamps conducted by Rexnord Innovation Center (RIC), J.C. Renfroe was the most durable product for horizontal lifting in the study. From July to August 2015, RIC performed fatigue testing on three manufacturers’ vertical, 180 degree turn + side pull clamps in the horizontal orientation. The horizontal test was performed at the +100/+1, 102-pound load level and run one million cycles or until sample failure. 

Company No. 1 completed 159,672 cycles before experiencing a crack at the bail pin. Company No. 2 completed 79,352 cycles before experiencing a crack at the bail pin. Renfroe’s clamp completed 1,664,928 cycles before a crack appeared at the bail pin. 

The Renfroe clamp that was tested was one of the new L series clamps, the LPA model, used for vertical lifts.

RIC is an independent, accredited laboratory that has provided confidential testing, analysis, and engineering services for more than 30 years. 



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