14/02/2006 - 06:00 am

J.C. Renfroe & Sons Unveils “Renfroe Too” Snatch Blocks

J.C. Renfroe & Sons, Inc., Jacksonville, Fla., recently introduced a new line of snatch blocks for the rigging and construction industries. The company is now manufacturing and marketing snatch blocks with hooks, snatch blocks with shackles, and snatch block tailboards with lifting capacities ranging from 2 to 15 tons.

Renfroe snatch blocks are proof tested to assure quality and safe operation at working load limit. Special features include a moveable side plate, which allows rope insertion while hanging, meaning there's no need to disconnect and re-connect wire ripe. Blocks have forged alloy heated hooks, assuring they will not break but will straighten out before failure. Every block has a swivel pin stop that stays in place while reeving, so there is no loss of pins. And the snatch block's safety latch prevents disconnection from the anchor point and provides a visual sign of overload. The sheave pin diameter allows for low surface velocity between sheave and sheave pin while the sheave pin lubrication fitting allows for lubrication of sleeve bearing without disassembly of the snatch block. The sheave fleet angle provides a wide angle of rope lead-in that promotes the increased life of the rope. Renfroe snatch blocks are also available with bronze bushings or roller bearings.

For more information, visit www.jcrenfroe.com.

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