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J.D. Neuhaus Air Hoists Handle Difficult Foundry Conditions | Construction News

Foundry operating conditions can involve intense heat and noise combined with dust and chemically-laden atmospheres that result in a challenging work environment that places heavy demands on tools, equipment, and workforce.

J.D. Neuhaus's range of air-operated hoists have been designed with 100% duty ratings and minimum downtimes. With no electrical or electronic equipment, and air-vane motors, the JDN range of hoists are suitable for operation in potentially explosive atmospheres.The hoists provide a high degree of lift, lower, and load positioning control to meet full compliance with prevailing working practice regulations.

Typical operations encountered within foundries include the handling of raw materials (sand and scrap metals etc), lifting moulds and cores for stacking or storage, handling molten metal ladles, mould shakeouts and sand reclamation, shot blast and grinding operations in cleaning areas, together with final machining, painting, and product packing operations. With individual castings varying in their size and weight from under 2 lbs. to several metric tons, JDN hoists are currently utilized in all areas of the foundry operations with varying individual hoists providing load handling requirements from 275 lbs. up to 25 metric tons and up.

The Mini series of JDN hoists can be supplied for load capacities of 275, 550, 1100, and 2160 lbs. The hoists can be supplied with trolleys for overhead rail mounting to accommodate load traversing operations, utilizing manual, reel chain or motorized trolley operation. A Mini Manipulator version can also be provided where single handed load handling and positioning can be safely undertaken.

For heavier handling requirements the JDN Profi TI product range has widely utilized for this market. These hoists are suitable for operation in the toughest industrial situations, providing individual lift requirements from 550 lbs. up to a full 100 metric tons if required. Where working conditions involve a restricted working height, the low headroom trolley monorail-mounted hoists have been supplied including ultra-low headroom variations where there are serious reservations on the working space available. Big-bag handling equipment, with single or twin load hooks for use with standard or more complex cruciform lifting beam designs can also be supplied.

For longer loads, twin monorail-mounted hoists can be used in tandem and connected with tie bars, or for longer loads twin hoists mounted on overhead rails can be supplied. All hoists are provided with pendant controllers for all the lift, lower, and load traverse movements, including precise load positioning, with a built-in emergency air shut-off valve also incorporated.

All the JDN products are insensitive to humidity, dust and temperatures within a range of -20°C to +70°C (mini +50°C). They operate on a compressed air supply of six bar with a low maintenance instant starting vane motor. A fail-safe disc brake holds loads in the event of air supply failure, with anti-climb and anti-drop devices incorporated as well as overload protection where specified. The products, except the mini series (Ex II 3 GD IIA T4), have explosion protection classifications of Ex II 2 GD IIA T4 / II 3 GD IIB T4 and Ex II 2 GD IIB T4 or II 2 GD IIC T4 with increased spark protection also provided where required.

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