02/02/2012 - 04:00 am

J.D. Neuhaus Introduces Heavy Industry Hoists

J.D. Neuhaus, Sparks, Md., has released the Profi TI series hoists, which are targeted for heavy industry applications such as surface and underground working. The hoists offer lift capacities from 551.2 pounds (250 kg) up to 100 tons, and operate off air pressures of 4 or 6 bar. Hydraulically operated units are also available.

The Profi TO hoists are available with traverse trolleys for overhead monorail operation for lift ratings up to 20 tons. Trolleys can be supplied for manual, reel chain and motorized traverse movements as well as with rack and pinion drives. These products are complemented by monorail hoists, which can accommodate tandem or synchronized lifting operations for up to 115 tons per hoist. Specialist hoists for big-bag handling and operation in low headroom conditions are also available.

The products are Ex rated to ensure safety for operating in potentially explosive or other dangerous atmospheres that can occur in many diverse industries.

In one particular mining application, a Profi TI hoist with 37-ton lifting capacity was used to handle an assembled pipeline string of some 3,280.8 feet (1000 meters) in length. This involved the connection of individual pipeline sections, each 26.2 feet (8 meters) long, to create a completed string weighing 30 tons that had to be positioned within a mining shaft. The hoist offered excellent weight/load ratios, with the Profi 37 TI having an all-up weight of 1,940.1 pounds (880 kg) with a standard 32.8-foot (10-meter) chain length, while providing a 37.5-ton lifting capacity.

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