21/03/2016 - 18:01 pm

JC Renfroe Opens New Product Training Centre – Industry News

JC Renfroe & Sons, a division of The Caldwell Group, based in Florida USA is a leading international manufacturer and marketer of industrial lifting products. The company has opened a new training centre onsite at its Jacksonville plant to help educate customer operators and employees on the safe use of the company’s products.

The newly converted facility offers two sets of classrooms, one for textbook and video instruction and another for hands-on instruction with tool stations and in-room lifting apparatus. The centre is stocked with the various lines of Renfroe products and even has a kitchen to serve meals during the instructional courses.

Renfroe provides a curriculum that prepares personnel to return to their plant to help instruct other employees. The course is called “Train the Trainer.” Courses include instruction on clamp use, lift scenarios, interactive applications, clamp definitions, maintenance, inspections and industry safety standards.

Upon completion of the two-day course, each person receives a detailed reference manual to use for training other employees.

Clint Sage, Renfroe’s training manager said, “At Renfroe, it is more than just selling a lifting product, it is about training people to safely use our product. Our training is part of the added value of purchasing Renfroe products. That is why we felt it was important to create our new training centre.”

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