08/04/2014 - 15:05 pm

JD Neuhaus Launches New Models in EH Range of Air-Operated Hoists | Industry News

J D Neuhaus has introduced new models into their EH range of air operated monorail hoists, suitable for applications in harsh environments including onshore and offshore, the cement industry, steelworks, and shipbuilding.

Two versions, for each of the 75 and 100 metric ton lifting capacity products in the EH range are now available in both double trolley and previously available 4 trolley traverse drive versions.

All models feature a new air motor unit providing a 9kW power output at a 6 bar air pressure supply, and the motor has technology for the lift/drive and integrated braking operations, based upon a stepped brake piston and self-lubricating rotor unit.

The redesigned 4 trolley drive version hoists are designated as EH 75 and EH 100 offering 75 or 100 metric tons lift capacities, respectively. The new twin trolley drive versions, which offer more compact units for operation where limited space is available, are designated as EH 75C and EH 100C.

Design features and advantages incorporated throughout the range include reductions in overall size as well as up to 50% energy savings from reduced air consumption. The 4 trolley hoist units feature reduced weights–550 lbs. for the EH 75 and 1,320 lbs. for the EH 100; the twin trolley compact EH 75C and EH 100C models each offer a further weight reduction of 770 lbs. over their 4 trolley counterpart.

Faster load lift/lower times (up to 50%) are also now available, with a general decrease in the overall dimensions. A pro-active gearbox cooling system has also been added that uses the expanding exhaust air from the drive motor.. Other features include pin valves used as hoist limiters for top and lower hook position, with parallel chain sprocket arrangements.

These new products supplement an existing EH range of monorail hoists with lift capacities of 10, 16, 20, 25, 30, 37, 40, 50, and 60 metric tons.

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