16/05/2012 - 09:34 am

JDN supplies lifting system with monorail hoists


German manufacturer JD Neuhaus has supplied a purpose-designed BOP handling system comprising twin air-operated monorail hoists, with a joint lifting capacity of 200 tonnes.

The hoists are a special compact design which have been developed to suit onsite operational requirements. Each hoist represents a 45 percent reduction in the horizontal profile length compared to the JDN standard EH-100 product.

The hoists run in parallel on two overhead beams in excess of 22m in length. Both hoists incorporate two trolleys, each with a 50 tonne load rating, providing a total 100 tonne lift capacity per hoist.

Each hoist is also fitted with a copper-coated bottom block and clevis (providing increased spark protection), together with a galvanised chain box. The overhead support beams incorporate a rack and pinion drive for the trolleys, ensuring that even inclines up to 2.5° can be negotiated. The total traverse distance is in excess of 18m, while the lift height available is 15.25m.

A single Neuhaus LN trolley with a 50 tonne load capacity has also been incorporated which is used to provide a BOP fixture device during maintenance works.

Both hoists incorporate overload protection, with limit switches also provided for the hoist and traverse operations. The hoist motors are also fitted with an additional emergency manual brake release handle located on the motor cover. Hoist operation and traverse movements are achieved with a pendant controller having an 8m attachment hose and incorporating an additional interface for an extra local control box.

A central control box with 23m of control line ensures that both hoists can be controlled from one location. The hoists are operated from a six bar air supply, with two main air supply chain systems provided to accommodate both the 22m support beam travel lengths plus the 18m hoist movements.

Air service units comprising filter, regulator and oiler are hoist mounted, and the equipment has full JDN offshore kit and four-coat epoxy paint finish, together with full testing and certification for Ex-classification: Ex II 2 GD IIB T4.

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