14/02/2013 - 13:49 pm

Jib crane style U.S. Navy torpedo launcher refurbished


Tampa, Fla.-based Certified Boom Repair Service recently completed the six-month rebuild of a jib crane style "launcher" for the United States Navy, to be fixed to the deck of a ship and used to launch test torpedoes so other vessels can practice tracking.

The 6-8-year-old system is very similar to a jib crane in that it houses components like a pedestal, rotation bearing, swing gearbox, swing brake, turret, lift cylinder, telescope cylinder, boom base and boom point. The major difference is the torpedo launching assembly at the tip.

Certified Boom Repair modified one of its I-beam welding tables to mount the crane to and added a 20,000-pound counterweight for stability. The unit is rated for 9,000 pounds at a 24-foot radius.

"We were honored and excited to have the opportunity to rebuild the target launcher for the Navy," said Troy Smith, vice president of operations for Certified Boom. "As a veteran-owned business and with lots of experience in the scope of work, we felt we were more than qualified to perform the repairs at a high level." 

Highlights of the rebuilding process included a complete disassembly and inspection, replacing virtually everything except the structure with new or upgraded components. All repairs were performed and completed within the ship’s downtime schedule.

Smith said the timing could have been reduced further had certain specialty parts been available on a faster basis.

Roger Lambert, launch director for CSC, Inc., said: "Certified Boom Repair Service has done an excellent job on all aspects of this rebuild and I’m very satisfied."

Certified Boom Repair Service specializes in overall wrecked crane repairs, crane service, boom repair, crane sales and rentals. The business was incorporated in 1987 by Mike Smith who currently serves as president. His two sons, Troy and Tyler, serve as vice president of operations and vice president of business development, respectively.

Pictured: Roger Lambert, launch director for CSC, Inc. and Troy Smith, vice president of operations, Certified Boom Repair.

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