14/11/2017 - 15:46 pm

JLG’s Telemaster Tyres for Telehandlers

JLG Industries has partnered with Continental to provide JLG customers with a solid, flat-proof tyre to meet the specific demands of telehandlers.

“Telehandlers are used in a variety of job site environments,” said John Boehme, JLG Industries’ senior product manager of telehandlers. “This, coupled with the fact that they work in various demanding applications, means they require tyres with outstanding durability. The new TeleMaster tyres meet this requirement with their sturdy three-layer construction.”

Available as an option on select JLG and SkyTrak telehandlers, the TeleMaster is made of highly specialised rubber compounds that work together to offer a comfortable ride, excellent traction, and longer service life for lower total cost of ownership. The tyre’s inner layer combines damping properties with a low rolling resistance value, which contributes to a comfortable ride, reduced delamination, and low heat build-up for reduced wear. Reinforced sidewalls protect against punctures and cuts, and the tyre’s non-directional tread pattern means fewer assembly combinations and reduced inventory carrying costs.

TeleMaster tyres also features a distinctive centre rib. The circumferential rib tread pattern ensures high traction in both directions and promotes self-cleaning when used on sites with mud or gravel. Because TeleMaster is a solid, flat-proof tyre solution, it removes the need to check inflation pressure or fill it with polyurethane.

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