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Kalmar Adds Electric, Big-Wheel Forklifts to Product Line | Industry News

In May at CeMat, Kalmar launches two new forklifts: a new environmentally friendly electric forklift truck with a lifting capacity of 5-9 tonnes and a new diesel-powered DCG140-6 Big Wheel forklift model. 

The counterbalanced ECG50-90 forklift boasts features that significantly reduce the cost of ownership whilst improving safety and environmental performance. “The truck can be used for heavy industrial tasks without compromising productivity or the pleasure of driving,” says  Thomas Malmborg, vice president of forklift trucks. “Yet the true benefits of going electric become apparent when you begin to experience the forklift’s low operational costs, mainly in the form of lower energy costs and reduced maintenance requirements. The initial investment is intended to be paid off within two years, which will show on the customers’ bottom line.”

According to Kalmar’s calculations, it is possible to reduce operating costs by up to 75% every year from energy savings compared to an equivalent diesel truck. The electric forklift truck features several energy-saving driving modes, and together with the changes made to the electrical and hydraulic systems, up to 15% lower energy consumption can be reached compared to Kalmar’s previous electric forklift model.

Service personnel can finish their job quickly thanks to simplified maintenance and a market-leading diagnostic system. One type of battery hatch fits all needs and is easily handled by the operator. The protective hatch is included as standard and enables easy service of the battery.

Peter Ivarsson, sales support director from Kalmar Forklift Trucks says: “In the marketplace, going electric is increasingly an environmental choice, and with diesel prices rising, the electric forklift has become a more and more attractive alternative. Safety is always a top priority and it’s extremely important for us at Kalmar that this new truck leads the way in safety.”

The new forklift has a number of features to improve the safety of both drivers and people in the machine’s surroundings. A high-intensive blue light is projected on the floor to alert people that the machine is approaching, reducing the risk of accidents.

The forklift’s EGO cabin, a standard for Kalmar G-generation machines, boasts major upgrades to ergonomics and visibility inspiring greater driver productivity, efficiency, and safety. The position of the steering wheel is displayed to prevent accidents and reduce tire wear. The rotatable seat is an excellent option when driving involves a lot of reversing – a time saving feature which also protects the driver’s neck and shoulders.


Big Wheel Forklift

In addition to the new electric forklift, Kalmar  has introduced a diesel-powered DCG140-6 Big Wheel forklift model, which has been specially developed to meet the requirements of the North American sawmill market. The machine comes with larger tires for increased traction on muddy and uneven terrain, as well as higher clearance of 500 mm (19.6″).  The counterweight has been lowered to ensure excellent stability and the lifting mast is heavy duty.  For wood handling, there are several options available to enhance safety and  ease of handling and maintenance.



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