12/07/2016 - 17:09 pm

Kalmar Introduces Lithium-Ion Battery for the Electric Forklift Range – Industry News

Kalmar, part of Cargotec, has launched an emissions-free lithium-ion battery technology for its 5- to 9-ton electric forklift range. Li-ion technology brings significant advantages over traditional lead-acid batteries for electric forklift equipment. The batteries can be fast-charged during breaks in work, significantly improving the productivity of forklifts. They also eliminate the need for frequent battery changes, as well as costly additional batteries and the associated equipment required to replace them.

Because charging is emissions-free, the batteries can be charged anywhere in the facility, removing the need for expensive acid-protected charging areas. Furthermore, Li-ion batteries last three to five times longer than lead-acid batteries, are cooler and waste less energy in overcharge.

Peter Ivarsson, director of sales and marketing, forklift trucks at Kalmar: "Our electric forklift trucks already offer savings from fewer and shorter standstills, faster and simpler maintenance, and longer service life. The new Li-ion battery technology makes them even more attractive as investment. This improvement is a great example of how we support our customers' operational and environmental goals through developing cost-effective and sustainable solutions."

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