02/05/2006 - 05:00 am

Kar-Tech Mini Radio Remote Controls Make Industry Debut

Kar-Tech, Delafield, Wis., recently unveiled its new, low-cost Mini line of radio remote controls for mobile hydraulic applications. The Mini packs up to nine momentary or latching, 5A, protected, solid-state outputs that can be used to control many different functions into its small size. Unlike the industry standard relays, solid-state outputs last indefinitely, according to the company. The Mini will also operate when there are other products in the area using the same frequencies, due to its 900MHz FHSS technology. The product uses sealed membrane switches rated for millions of operations, and includes full self-diagnostics, including notifying the operator of any shorted or open wires. Reverse polarity, short-circuit and overload protection is also standard.

"We identified a need in the market for something extremely low-cost, yet robust enough to stand up to other controls on the market," says Steve Helker, sales manager. “The Mini controls use the same state of the art technologies found across the board, and manage to maintain a 300-ft+ range for a fraction of the cost of similar controls."

According to the company, the Mini line has been successfully used with cranes from most major manufacturers, material handling equipment, trailer equipment, marine applications, and bark chippers, along with many other applications.

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