08/05/2018 - 14:21 pm

Kito acquires Van Leusden

On  3 April,  Kito  Corporation  acquired  37.5%  of  Van  Leusden  of  the  Netherlands  via wholly owned subsidiary Kito Europe GmbH. Van Leusden operates mainly in Europe, specialising in customisation technology, particularly anti-corrosion treatment of hoists and trolleys, mainly manually operated models, cranes and crane components for maritime and other offshore uses, and spark-proof treatment for applications in environments with high risk of explosion. Its acquisition will help support the regional and product strategies of the Kito Group, a global, cross-industry supplier with high market shares in Japan and North America.

With 37.5% shareholding of Van  Leusden and  a  stronger  relationship, Kito  acquires  customisation technology, including anti-corrosion and spark-proof treatments, expands its line of high value-added products, and enhances the capabilities of Kito products in specialized environments. By enhancing  customized  products  used  in offshore  environments  and  those  with  high  risk  of explosion, as in petrochemical plants, mines and heavy-industry plants, Kito is working to differentiate itself from competitors as a solution provider for Europe.

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