19/09/2013 - 11:16 am

Kito Europe Introduces Yellow CF Series Manual Chain Hoist


Kito Europe GmbH has released a new Yellow CF series hand chain hoist. The product offering covers 500kg to 3t capacities, in standard lift lengths of 3m and 6m. The hoist is unique with its single reduction gearing that results in lifting speeds up to 28% faster than typical manual chain hoists.

Targeted for use in heavy construction, maintenance operations, repair and refurbishment, piping installation, and similar applications, the Yellow CF can save users time and money. Its robust aluminium housing is highly corrosion-resistant and durable for long life.

Kito‘s Yellow CF is CE marked, and conforms to all applicable machinery directives. It is built with double pawl springs, and heavy duty heat-treated pinion and gears.

Like all Kito chain hoists, the Yellow CF comes standard with highly corrosion-resistant Kito brand NP, grade 100 load chain which is in accordance with standard EN 818-7. The chain is nickel plated, offering customers an improved abrasion resistance and an ultra-smooth surface that results in reduced link-to-link wear, and increased lifetime.

Kito said the Yellow CF has a long track record of proven success in Scandinavian markets and worldwide.

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