21/08/2012 - 16:32 pm

Kito Europe launches 1-10t heavy duty beam clamp


Kito Europe GmbH has launched the TK series heavy duty beam clamp, available in capacities ranging from 1t to 10t and adjustable to fit a wide range of beam flanges. The product is targeted at heavy construction, plant maintenance, power generation, shipbuilding, general steel fabrication and offshore industries.

In 3t and 5t models, two different flange ranges are available. It can be used to suspend a hoist, or attached directly to the top flange of a structural beam for lifting purposes.

The TK series is suitable for angle pulling up to 45° with no reduction in WLL. Additionally, the clamp features a self-centring shaft design, corrosion resistant galvanised hardware, and a shackle that can be used for load suspension, or easily pivoted for direct connection to the load hook.

The specially designed jaws spread the load over a large area of the beam, reducing beam stress, and offering more security and load control.

Kito is a worldwide provider of electric and manual chain hoists, and lifting accessories. It has subsidiaries or partners in all major global markets. Kito‘s European operations are headquartered in Dusseldorf, Germany.

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