27/08/2013 - 15:48 pm

Kito Europe Launches New High Speed Manual Chain Hoist


Kito Europe GmbH has launched the new High Speed CB manual chain hoist series covering capacities from 2.5t to 50t.

The new hoists have top hook suspension with trolleys available in plain or hand geared configurations. The High Speed CB is suited to use in heavy construction and other sites where some of the hook travel occurs without a load. Kito points to significant time and cost savings in marketing literature, improving productivity, reducing worker fatigue and improving safety.

The technology in the hoist includes a revolutionary load-sensing magnetic clutch and a planetary gear system, increasing lifting and lowering speed seven times the normal speed, when the load is 10% or less of rated capacity.

In an application where a load is repeatedly placed, and the empty hook is returned, a user can reduce manpower by 3.5 times, and can enjoy significant cost savings. Kito added the most common applications for use will be power plant maintenance, heavy construction, large commercial construction, petrochemical and chemical plants, offshore and onshore oil, shipbuilding, heavy steel fabricating, and other temporary or jobsite use.

The High Speed CB is built on Kito‘s CB series heavy duty chain block. The traditional range is available through 50t capacity. Fast delivery is available throughout Europe.

Kito‘s world class grade 100 manual hoist chain is one of the only nickel plated DIN EN 818-7 chains on the market. Used on the company’s CB, CF, CX, LB and LX manual and lever hoist product lines, Kito chain is highly corrosion resistant, and its smooth finish reduces link-to-link wear better than most other chains.

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