23/07/2014 - 08:51 am

Kito Europe Releases Clean Room Hoists


Kito Europe GmbH has launched a range of custom-built clean room hoists, suited to use in micro-chip manufacturing, circuit board processing, display panel production, pharmaceutical and food applications, or other ultra-clean production and testing areas.

Each unit is certified up to class 10 particle size, meaning almost any customer specification for contamination-protection is possible. The hoists are available for electric or manual operation, and can be combined with overhead cranes.

Kito‘s clean room hoists are built from standard ED, ER2 or CB models and, depending on the job requirements, are modified with special enclosures constructed of stainless steel or nickel. Selected parts, such as chains, are housed in special flexible bellows that trap dust or particles created from moving parts. Special double sealed packing is included in some cases to ensure no contamination during shipment and installation process.

For pharmaceutical and food applications, wash-down suitable electric or manual hoists with anti-corrosion protection are available.

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