13/08/2014 - 08:51 am

Kito Europe Releases KE Series of Jib Crane Systems


Kito Europe GmbH has launched the KE series of heavy duty jib cranes. The complete system includes crane structure, electric chain hoist with trolley and control station, electrification set, optional accessories and a documentation packet.

With inverter controlled hoists, and precision machined jib components, these jibs offer exceptional load control and ergonomic operation in three axis. Loads can easily be handled without bounce or vibration, making them ideal for use in tool and die shops, machining areas, assembly workstations, or maintenance centres. Lifting and traversing speeds can be programmed to match the requirements of any application, by directly adjusting the speed in the onboard inverter.

KE series jib cranes include safety features and design parameters consistent with Kito‘s other premium products, including rubber bumpers, main line disconnect switch, and over-current and overheating protection.

They are available with a wide variety of options and custom configurations, including requirements for offshore applications or onboard ships or other moving vessels.

The product lineup includes freestanding or wall mounted jib cranes in capacities through 20t. Complete mounting and installation instructions are included, or the company can provide turnkey installation services. Both hoist and crane are delivered in standard Kito safety yellow industrial paint finish (RAL1007).

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