20/02/2017 - 06:09 am

Kito launches small manual hoist at Logimat

Alongside its other lifting and handling technologies Kito Europe GmbH will be presenting the CX005 small manual chain hoist at the LogiMat Exhibition Stuttgart, 14 – 16 March, Germany.

The CX005 is making its European debut at LogiMat, it is a larger version of the CX003 (with a rated load capacity of 250kg) and will be presented to customers and visitors in Stuttgart. The CX005 can lift up to 500kg, but features a light and compact design, weighing only 4.8kg due to its aluminium housing. This allows the new hoist to be used for all basic lifting and lowering operations.

The manual chain hoist can easily be hung quite high, allowing applications that go beyond the usual ones for conventional hoists while being simple to operate.

The new Kito product also puts user safety first: the hook on the CX power packet has been designed with an extra – large internal diameter allowing a wider range of applications and to make attachment as easy as possible. At the same time, the upper and lower hooks are provided with a reliable safety device.

The movement of the CX005 is strictly controlled, allowing the chain hoist to be moved precisely down to the millimetre. The built-in overload protection sets off an alarm if the attached load is too high for safe operation.

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