19/09/2017 - 17:08 pm

Konecranes brings greater efficiency and reliability to container yard in Saudi Arabia

In August Konecranes delivered four Konecranes SMV 4531 TC5 reachstackers to SA Talke, a joint venture between the German TALKE Group and the Saudi Sisco and Al-Jabr Groups. The machines will be used at the company’s container marshalling yards, where they are expected to bring greater efficiency and reliability to the container and goods handling.

With over a decade of region and sector-specific experience, SA Talke is today a premier logistics supplier in the Al-Jubail region; supporting the petrochemical sector with specialist knowledge on the handling, storage and transportation of liquid and solid chemicals.

Konecranes equipment and support to customers in Saudi Arabia has for 10 years been provided by Al-Iman, the Konecranes distributor for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, demonstrating specific and useful insight into the petrochemical and logistic sector. Gerhard Strydom, SA Talke logistic solutions manager said, “We’ve worked with Al-Iman for many years, and rely on their guidance and knowledge to select the right equipment, and our existing Konecranes machines have proven that these machines are the right fit for us. This order is simply another example of how well the partnership is working.”

The combination of Konecranes high quality products and robust on-the-ground support make for an excellent combination in a highly competitive sector. Markus Trefzer, technical manager for Al-Iman notes, “As a team we approach our customer’s from a solutions-based perspective. We have great belief in the quality of the machines, and we also have many years’ experience in the region, so what we offer is unique. We hope to continue earning SA Talke’s trust and ongoing business with exceptional support and service.”

Manos Athanasakis, regional sales manager at Konecranes Lift Trucks said, “A deep understanding of what the customer need is essential for a successful delivery, and that is a truth both we and our distributors live by. We are very happy that SA Talke have chosen to extend their Konecranes fleet to bring even more efficiency to their operations.”

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