22/04/2013 - 08:03 am

Konecranes Expands Service Offering for Materials Management in Manufacturing

Konecranes is launching a new service innovation that makes it possible to raise efficiency in materials management in manufacturing, it said.


Konecranes Group's Agilon is a patented materials management solution for managing, storing, picking and replenishing components with a maximum size of 60cm x 40cm x 45cm and weighing up to 25kg.


The Agilon materials management solution consists of a net portal, a shelving system and a robot that travels within the shelving, picks the parts listed in the picking request made by the operator, and brings them straight to the service point. A clear user interface shows the availability of parts and displays a picture of the part needed. The solution can be used for storing hundreds or even thousands of different components and it allows real time information on the components to be shared via the portal with various parties in the supply chain. The product is easy and safe to use and it frees up floor space in a production plant.


When parts are needed in production, Agilon brings them to the work station safely, conveniently and quickly. If required, Agilon is able to send refill orders straight to the supplier.

The new Agilon service expands Konecranes' service offering for materials management in manufacturing. The product is sold under a service contract that includes the modular, upgradable Agilon system, software and updates, maintenance and spare parts.


Konecranes has also invested in Finland with the commissioning of a new factory in Tampere, where the new Agilon system is being developed and produced. Agilon's remote support and Konecranes Machine Tool Service also operate at the new factory.

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