13/01/2015 - 20:10 pm

Konecranes Hevi-Lift Hoist Obtains CE Marking | Industry News

Konecranes reports its Hevi-Lift hoist has received the CE marking, signifying that all applicable European product safety directives have been meet. The Hevi-lift hoist was developed for critical processes in general industrial use. The hoist is versatile, making it suitable for ladle cranes, foundry work, shake-out service, hot metal carriers, outdoor applications, and applications when additional safety features are required for critical loads, such as in the nuclear industry.

The hoist has seen wide use in commercial nuclear power plants and related industries throughout the world.  Its materials and safety features, combined with strict quality controls, make it ideal for critical nuclear plant functions, such as nuclear fuel assembly movement, containment hatch lifting, and radiation waste handling. It is often configured as a single-failure-proof design to ensure that the potential for any uncontrolled movement is minimized.

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