19/02/2018 - 16:06 pm

Kuli gets ready for CeMat

Kuli Hebezeuge – Helmut Kempkes GmbH is looking forward to an even more successful CeMat exhibition than it enjoyed in 2016, as this year it takes place parallel to the big Hannover Messe 23 – 27 April.

Kuli says, “As this is designated to be the world's leading trade show for industrial technologies we are more than convinced to be at the right place with our well-known and well proven brand, being one of the world's leading family owned companies in the lifting device business.”

Responding to the demand for customised solutions at a reasonable prices Kuli says, “We meet all these demands by creating essential standard components, which can be arranged in numerous ways, so you will always be able get a unique product at a manageable cost. As all parts are made in-house: motors, gears, drums, control systems etc., we have quality and delivery times under our own control. As most standard components are in stock, we are well known for quick supplies, This applies to new equipment but more than ever, if it comes to replacement or spare parts, which are needed urgently.”

The company is currently planning a large gantry crane installation, which has to transfer a large number of heavy, stainless steel components to different levels in an outside area. Two complete cranes have to be installed, handing over the goods safely between them. At the same time, trucks will cross the runways to load and unload material and these must be detected by the cranes. This will be implemented by special laser monitoring devices, especially designed for the extreme outside conditions, having a two-step application, depending on the type of danger and the travelling speed of the system: causing a warning only or safety stop. A 20t hoist with a high lifting speed used in this installation will be among the exhibits at CeMat.

Kuli’s expertise with lifting equipment reaches back to 1922, where the first electric tackle was developed in Remscheid, Germany – an industrial area close to the Rhine River. Today Kuli has installations in more than 120 countries worldwide on all continents, including the Antarctic, where it runs equipment in a research station.

At CeMat the company is looking forward to meeting customers from all over the world and discussing their requirements. Kuli will be showing products from its extensive range.


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