14/01/2014 - 13:08 pm

L-com Adds new USB3 Vision Cables with Thumbscrew Hardware | Industry News

L-com Inc. has engineered three new USB 3.0 cables equipped with thumbscrews for use with USB3 Vision standard applications. These cables are built precisely to the USB3 Vision specification hosted by the AIA (Automated Imaging Association) for the machine vision industry.

In addition to applications where the secure thumbscrew is beneficial, L-com's USB3 Vision Cables can also be used for data storage, data acquisition, and video transfer. These USB cables are available in three versions, Type Micro B with Thumbscrews to Standard Type A, Type B with Thumbscrews to Standard Type A, and Type A with Thumbscrews to Standard Type A.  

"In addition to supporting cabling for the machine vision camera market, I expect these products to be designed into many other applications where the lockdown thumbscrew hardware provides a secure connection every time," said Steve Smith, product manager. "One drawback to USB connections is that the friction fit connectors can become disconnected by vibration and jostling."

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