20/12/2006 - 06:00 am

Largest Grove All-Terrain Crane Delivered to Marco Crane

Phoenix, Ariz.-based Marco Crane has received the largest all-terrain crane available from Manitowoc Crane Group, the 550-ton Grove GMK7550. The GMK7550 offers a five-section, 197-foot main boom, with MEGAFORM shaping and TWIN-LOCK boom-pinning system. It can also be configured with a 230-foot boom extension, allowing a maximum tip height of 430 feet. Marco Crane also plans to purchase Grove's patented MEGAWINGLIFT attachment for the GMK7550 in the near future.

According to Dan Mardian, president of Marco Crane and sister company Mardian Equipment, the GMK7550's capacity and transportability were important features for his business. “Because we have offices in several states, we need a crane that meets the exacting road requirements of each state,” he said, adding that roading restrictions for large cranes like the seven-axle GMK7550 can be demanding. “The GMK7550 was the ideal choice as its weight-per-axle ratio was passable here in Arizona and also in the neighboring state of California, which has some of the most stringent roading laws in the country • and which is also home to one of our main offices,” Mardian said.

Driving the sale of the GMK7550 was MCG dealer, H&E Equipment. Cary Burr, sales representative at H&E Equipment, explained that the GMK7550's flexibility in transport made it an ideal choice for the western U.S. company. “It is very well-suited for this part of the United States, where jobs and distances both tend to be at the larger end of the scale,” he said.

Marco Crane has a large number of Grove all-terrain cranes in its fleet besides the GMK7550, including the GMK5120B and the GMK5240. The company celebrated its 50th anniversary this year and currently has four facilities, two in Arizona • Phoenix and Tucson • one in Las Vegas, Nev. and one in Lakeside, Calif.

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