07/03/2016 - 17:33 pm

Larson Electronics Blue Light for Forklift Safety – Product News

New from Larson Elecronics is the LEDWL-FKLT-BLUE Forklift Warning Spotlight designed to warn pedestrians and bystanders when they are in the path of an oncoming forklift. This very compact LED light produces an 2250 lumen output with low amp draw, it has a 50,000 hour service life, and 9 to 60 volt compatibility providing operators with a versatile and powerful forklift warning safety light.

Five 5-watt blue LED each producing 450 lumens are combined with high output parabolic reflector to produce a narrow 5deg spread spot beam, providing a high intensity centre beam which is visible during day and night time operations. This particular unit is 6in high, 3.91in wide and 3.36in deep, which makes it suitable for applications where electrical power and mounting space is at a premium.

Standard forklift warning systems consist of strobe lights or audible alarms. Strobe lights may not always be visible with high illumination settings. The strobe lights on forklifts, depending on the position of the light, can also be a hindrance to the forklift operator by reducing the visibility due to continual contrasting from the strobe light. Audible alarms, such as backing-up alarms, can be the most disliked warning system for forklifts, especially in working areas where these alarms continually sound throughout the working day. Both strobe lights and audible alarms are often ignored due to conditioning of the warning system from day to day exposure.

Larson believes that the LEDWL-FKLT-BLUE addresses the above issues, providing a new system that is not obnoxious and will not irratate employees, while providing the warning indication required by OSHA to keep employees and pedestrians within the work force safe.

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