15/07/2013 - 20:47 pm

Leavitt Machinery Opens in Portland, Oregon | Construction News

Effective June 1 2013, Leavitt Machinery USA Inc. has acquired the assets of Premier Lift Truck Services, Inc. of Tualitan, Ore. and will operate as Leavitt Machinery from the same location previously occupied by Premier Lift Truck Services.

Chris Carroll, the former owner of Premier Lift Truck Services, along with his entire management team, will continue to provide support to the Portland customer base. Tom Leavitt, president and CEO of Leavitt Machinery said: “We have had our eye on the Portland market for some time now, and we felt that the acquisition of Premier Lift Truck was a natural fit for Leavitt Machinery.  They have a strong customer base and we will plug our resources into the business to help them grow their share of the market in Oregon”.

In the Oregon Market, Leavitt Machinery will represent the following brands:

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