22/06/2021 - 13:36 pm

LGH makes 520t hydraulic Hi-Force cylinder investment

LGH, one of the UK’s leading lifting equipment rental companies, has further ramped up its capability in the infrastructure and construction rental market by investing in high capacity Hi-Force 520t hydraulic cylinders.

The low height, lock ring, single-acting cylinders are primarily aimed at the bridge building and repair sector but will also augment its capability with other on-going infrastructure and construction projects.

The investment means LGH is one of a few suppliers able to offer hydraulics up to this capacity from its own UK stock and will complement its extensive range of other lifting and jacking gear, which includes spreader and multi-lug beams, slings, shackles, and compressive load cells.

Phil Smith, head of asset management at LGH, said, “In its most recent spending review, the Government set out its plans for a ‘once in a generation investment in infrastructure’ and our fleet is now geared up to meet this this ambition. We know for example that over 3000 UK bridges have been identified as needing repair work and with reduced Covid restrictions leading to increased traffic on our rails and roads, this remedial work will be crucial if the UK is to keep moving forward.

Smith added, “As always, we want to offer our customers equipment from trusted manufacturers all tested and certified, ready and waiting for immediate delivery. We believe these Hi-Force cylinders will plug a gap in the market and become an increasing part of our flexible rental packages that are available for both public and private sector clients”.

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