20/11/2013 - 16:12 pm

Lift-A-Loft Introduces Access Solution for High Density Storage Warehouses | Industry News

Lift-A-Loft Corp. has launched its first ML26 aerial lift designed to work with the Maintenance and Retrieval Cart (MARC) developed by Accu-Flex Safety.

The system is designed to work in high-density warehouse operations where storage space is maximized with multi deep rack systems and smaller aisle ways.  The ML26 and MARC allow workers to safely work in these rack systems when there is a need for maintenance or to clear jams and remove spilled product.

Racking systems are not designed for free climbing or standing and they typically do not have engineered anchor points.  The ML26 and MARC work well together to provide a safe and more productive solution when there is a need to access a rack structure at elevation.

The ML26 offers high angle rear steering for working in aisles and proportional drive controls.  This allows the MARC to be easily positioned and secured in the rack structure.  Once the unit is locked in position on the tracks, it can be released from the ML26.  The operator then  transfers to the MARC using a “Y” lanyard system so that they achieve 100% tie off.  The operator then uses the cordless drill to drive the unit back in to the rack. 

Once the job has been complete, the MARC can be driven back to the ML26 and locked in to position.  After the operator transfers to the main platform, the unit can be unlocked from the tracks lifted up and driven back out of the rack structure.  The ML26 can also be used for other general facility maintenance tasks that require work at elevation.


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