05/12/2012 - 09:50 am

Lift Turn Move’s Limpet wins first LEEA innovation award at LiftEx


New to this year’s LiftEx trade show, organised by the Lifting Equipment Engineers Association (LEEA), was the Innovation Theatre, where selected products from industry were presented to visitors and a panel of judges. The winner of the LEEA Best Innovation Award 2012 was Lift Turn Move‘s Limpet L5 fall prevention system from Limpet Technology, while, with working at height a consistent theme, the Supine Harness from Checkmate Lifting & Safety was Highly Commended.


LEEA members, Lift Turn Move are distributing the pioneering system. John Jones, managing director, said: “There is nothing else on the market quite like the L5 and today, technicians in industries as diverse as wind farm maintenance and rock-and-roll concert lighting can take advantage of its unique capabilities. The L5 can certainly raise the bar for safety in the lifting industry and we’re looking forward to building on our success here over the coming months.”

Stephen Cornwallis, Limpet Technology CEO, added: “Height safety and personnel hoisting products are proliferating. This means extra complexity and costs for staff training and maintenance as well as potential problems with compatibility between different systems. The Limpet L5 gets around all of that by providing a single, easy to use solution.”

Judge and former LEEA chief executive Derrick Bailes said the Limpet L5 impressed him with its versatility, having application in permanent and temporary installations for fall prevention, climb assist, and other work at height operations with integral rescue and evacuation facilities.

With working at height a theme of the winners, the Highly Commended Supine Harness from Checkmate Lifting & Safety, is a multi-purpose fall arrest harness that automatically eliminates suspension trauma by keeping the user in a supine position after falling from height. Checkmate managing director Oliver Auston also accepted high praise from judges and widespread interest from fellow exhibitors and visitors alike.


Lift Turn Move managing director John Jones (centre) accepts the Best Innovation Award from LEEA chief executive Geoff Holden (right). Mark Jeffery, Limpet Technology sales engineer, is also pictured.

A full roundup and pictures from LiftEx 2012 and the Innovation Theatre will appear in the November/December issue of LHI magazine.





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