25/02/2019 - 17:03 pm

LiftEurop introduces a purchasing policy that includes CSR

Economic and social changes are causing many companies to integrate CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) into their practices. LiftEurop, the Luxembourg-based manufacturer of lifting equipment and accessories, has embraced this approach since 2011. But the company expects the same from its suppliers. At the start of 2019, LiftEurop has unveiled its new purchasing policy – a responsible purchasing policy.

LiftEurop is part of of the Alipa Group and designs and develops slings, lifting beams, clamps and other high-quality lifting accessories that ensure the protection of property and people. That is why it is important to choose the right suppliers. “First and foremost, we work with permanent suppliers,” said Julien Dethier, buyer. “These are long-term collaborations. But our suppliers must have social practices that are consistent with our own. The Alipa Group buys responsibly and expects that its suppliers share the same values of respect for the environment and sustainability,”

A CSR approach involves integrating the three pillars of sustainable development: economic, social and environmental. In the eyes of society, the environment is very important. Dethier said, “All of our suppliers must meet a specification, in which they must demonstrate that they comply with REACH, a European regulation adopted to better protect human and environmental health against risks associated with chemical substances.”

As a consequence, LiftEurop can claim to be a socially responsible company. The CSR approach is going to be increasingly important in business relationships. Today, a company using a CSR approach has a better chance of securing a contract than one without.

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