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Lifting Equipment Companies Recognized for Product Innovation

The Leadership in Lifting Equipment and Access Platforms (LLEAP) Awards, presented by Lift and Access magazine, pay homage to innovative products introduced between April 1, 2005, and March 31, 2006. Judged by a group of 11 experts in the crane, aerial lift, and material-handling fields, including national and independent rental companies, sales, safety, and consulting, as well as the Lift and Access editorial staff, 28 products in six categories were scored based on their leadership, innovation, influence, and benefits. These categories include aerial work platforms; material handlers; cranes; optional equipment, attachments, or accessories; safety features or operating systems; and a catchall miscellaneous section.

Twelve products received recognition as Best Overall, First Place, or Runner Up in their respective categories. While many products proved highly competitive, the Up-N-Atom Retriever 15T transport truck bed exemplified the innovation, influence, and owner-operator benefits that were necessary to make it the Lift and Access Best Overall winner. The Pettibone Precision Steer System with the Carraro 26.43 Axle was only 1.4 points behind from the Retriever 15T. Although only one product could be named the Best Overall, the competition between the Retriever and the Pettibone/Carraro system was a fierce one.

A summary of the winners follows. Twelve out of 28 products were recognized by Lift and Access. For complete LLEAP coverage, request a copy of the October LLEAP awards issue presented by Lift and Access magazine from Editor Katie Parrish at kparrish@industrialliftandhoist.com.

Best Overall and First Place • Miscellaneous

Up-N-Atom Retriever 15T Transport Truck Bed

More than the average hauling tool, the Retriever 15T transport truck bed was designed specifically to haul construction equipment, and its patented curved and hinged deck allows equipment to be easily driven onboard with minimal risk of tipping or operator injury. The Retriever can be fitted to almost any truck chassis • standard or low profile, new or used • and is operated by one person via level-controlled air valves. By moving a lever, the suspension style airbags inflate or deflate to raise or lower the deck.

The Retriever has two ramp options • the 15T incorporates the automatic three-way bi-fold model. By first releasing the two transport locks and activating the first stage release valve, the main ramp is lowered and the deck is extended 4 feet. When extended, the main ramp can be locked into a horizontal position to support up to 4 tons for transporting longer equipment. The main ramp combined with a dock leg permit allows it to load machines directly from a dock. A second valve moves the approach ramp into position; lowering the deck secures the ramp to the ground. Reversing the process brings the ramp back into transport position. The approach ramp stops just short aof a complete close, avoiding the chance of injuring the operator's hands.

In addition to the benefits of its patented deck design, the Retriever operates with almost no moving parts. The Retriever uses the air system of its chassis to elevate and lower the deck, and without the use of common hydraulics, the Retriever is not affected by cold weather sluggishness, hydraulic leaks, environmental issues, or hydraulic maintenance costs.

According to Up-N-Atom, even the most conservative estimates show savings and productivity gains • the Retriever ends up saving more in one year than it costs to buy. The company also said that it is conceivable for a Retriever transport truck bed to pay for itself in less than one year of operation.

For more information, visit www.upnatominc.com.

First Place • Aerial Lifts

Genie Industries S-60 HC High-Capacity Telescopic Boom Lift

With a platform that is rated for 750 pounds • 50% more capacity throughout the entire 50'10” operating envelope than Genie's standard S-60 telescopic boom • Genie is again pushing the aerial lift industry to do more. The S-60 HC supports platform loads up to 1,250 pounds within its 40'8” maximum capacity zone, which includes more than 75% range of motion and offers 25% more load capacity in the zone than the standard S-60.

The Genie S-60 HC's envelope control is designed for safe and productive operation. The machine incorporates sensors that automatically limit the range of motion based on the load in the platform. Productivity is also improved along with the machine's ability to handle higher capacities • the S-60 HC allows up to three people to be in the platform at once.

Other features on the S-60 HC include fully proportional Hall-effect joystick controls, positive traction with an oscilatting or non-oscillating axle, 160-degree platform rotation, 360-degree continuous turntable rotation, and a self-leveling platform.

For more information, go to www.genieindustries.com.

First Place • Material Handlers

Bobcat V638 VersaHandler Telescopic Tool Carrier

The Bobcat V638 VersaHandler telescopic tool carrier is ideal for customers who need increased height and reach in a versatile package. With a 6,700-pound maximum load capacity, the V638 features a three-stage boom with a maximum lift height of 38'11”. Maximum load at full height is 5,000 pounds while maximum reach is 850 pounds.

Operators can shift-on-the-fly to transition smoothly from low to high speeds with the V638's hydrostatic transmission, and they can control travel speed at any rpm with the inching pedal. Using the first half of the stroke on the brake pedal enables operators to maintain full engine rpm while hydrostatically controlling the engine speed.

Touting its tool-carrying capabilities, the V638 offers a variety of attachments to meet the demands of different contractors and jobsites. Some of the available attachments include general purpose, light material, utility, and combination buckets. Operators can hook-up and disconnect hydraulic and non-hydraulic attachments from the cab with Bobcat's Hydraulic Quick-Tach system.

For more info on the Bobcat V638, go to www.bobcat.com.

First Place • Cranes

Liebherr LTR 1100 Telescopic Crawler

The 110-ton LTR 1100 telescopic crawler crane combines the advantages of telescopic boom cranes with those of a crawler crane. The 170-foot LTR 1100 incorporates much of the superstructure from the Liebherr LTM 1100-4.1 all-terrain crane, and the crawler chassis and ballast come from the LR 1100 lattice-boom crawler crane built by Liebherr Nenzing. Uniting the benefits of both cranes, the LTR 1100 displays the off-road capabilities, maneuverability, and precise load displacement of a crawler crane with the short set-up times, transportability, and variable boom and jib system of a mobile crane.

The LTR 1100's telescopic boom fully extends automatically and quickly to the required length. The six-section, 203-foot telescopic boom can be extended even more with a swing-away jib measuring between 35.4 and 62.3 feet. Two lattice sections measuring 23 feet each are also available and can be fitted between the telescopic boom and the swing-away jib in order to increase the pinning point of the jib. The swing-away jib is also optionally available with hydraulics and can be luffed between 0 and 40 under a full load. The LTR 1100 offers the additional benefit that high loads can be telescoped using the boom. The winches afford a high rope tension of 88kN, thereby ensuring fast work cycles.

Powering the unit is a four-cylinder Liebherr D924TI-E A4 water-cooled diesel engine, which has an output of 202 hp at 1800 rpm and a torque of 891 Nm at 1150 rpm. Maximum travel speed is 1.7 mph.

More details on the Liebherr LTR 1100 can be found at www.liebherr.com.

First Place • Optional Equipment, Attachments & Accessories

The Crosby Group ELIMINATOR Chain Sling

With fewer components and lighter weight than a traditional adjustable sling, the Crosby ELIMINATOR is a Grade 100 alloy steel chain sling fitting designed for overhead lifting. The ELIMINATOR provides one fitting for applications that require an adjustable length chain sling. Combining the functionality of a master link, connecting link, grab hook, and adjuster legs, the chain sling fitting was designed with Crosby's Pro ENGINEER software to model and perform stress analysis of anticipated loading conditions.

The ELIMINATOR features built-in chain shorteners, which eliminate the need for additional legs of chain and components and reduces the complexity of the sling. By doing away with additional chains and components, its weight is reduced up to 15% when compared to traditional chain slings. The sling legs can be shortened to the desired length by looping the chain back up into the ELIMINATOR's shortener pockets.

Crosby offers the ELIMINATOR and associated fittings that allow for the construction of single, double, triple, and quad leg slings. Like all of Crosby's other Grade 8/10 chain fittings, the Crosby ELIMINATOR fittings are designed with performance properties, including a working load limit that meets industry standards; ductility, allowing the product to deform when overloaded; resistance to crack intiation and growth at all temperatures; and fatigue-rated at one-and-a-half times the working load limit at 20,000 cycles. It also has the ability to withstand repeated applications of the load.

For more on the Crosby ELIMINATOR, visit www.thecrosbygroup.com.

First Place • Safety Features or Operating Systems

Pettibone Precision Steer System with the Carraro 26.43 Axle

Until this year, telehandler manufacturers incorporated axles originally designed for two-wheel drive loader backhoes on their machines, which did not meet the machines' four-wheel drive demands. Pettibone has changed that with the introduction of the Precision Steer system, which incorporates the Carraro 26.43 axle. As the first axle designed for four-wheel steering application, the Carraro-manufactured 26.43 axle was developed to correct Ackermann steering geometry and consequently improved telehandler tires, components, tracking, and rolling resistance.

When Pettibone began working with Carraro to correct telehandler steering, geometrical analysis tests were conducted on Pettibone and competitive machines. Testing showed that the Pettibone telehandler's tires were out of alignment (toed in) by 9 in four-wheel steering, while competitive brands showed even greater alignment errors. With the new Carraro 26.43 axle, Pettibone telehandlers are now misaligned only 4. While bettering the Ackermann steering error, the steering geometry has also been improved by 50%.

Other results revealed during field testing included up to a 50% reduction in tire wear after 400 hours of use on paved surfaces. The axle also showed improved tracking and reduced rolling resistance in testing. Other benefits to the telehandler owner and operator include improved fuel efficiency, reduced stress on tie rods, wheel bearings and other axle components, as well as a preserved tight turning radius without compromising on wheel alignment.

For details on the Pettibone Precision Steer System, go to www.gopettibone.com.

Runners Up

Aerial Lifts: JLG Industries Toucan Model E33MJ Mast-Style Boom Lift

Material Handlers: JLG Industries G6-23A Compact Telehandler

Cranes: Grove Crane GMK4115 All-Terrain Crane

Optional Equipment, Attachments, and Accessories: Gehl Co. Radio Remote Control System

Safety Features or Operating Systems: Elliott Equipment Co. SuperLink Outriggers

Miscellaneous: HYDAC HMG 3000 Portable Diagnostic Unit


In addition to Publisher Guy Ramsey, Editorial Director Tracy Bennett, and Editor Katie Parrish, the following industry professionals judged the 2006 LLEAP Awards:

Phil Bishop, industry correspondent, Phil Bishop Media Services

Shaun Flanagan, president, Horizon Advisory Service and Pacific Equipment Logistics

Howard Kaplan, safety manager, Southwest Industrial Rigging

Jim Mango, president, Six & Mango Equipment, LLP

Kevin Parr, district manager of New England High Reach, United Rentals, Inc.

Jerry L. Reinhart, industry consultant, Skyworks Equipment Rental

Matt Rocca, president and chief executive officer, GAR Equipment Corp.

Steve Shaughnessy, managing director, Specialist Equipment, Ashtead Plant Hire Co.

Jeff Stachowiak, director of Access Safety & Training, Sunbelt Rentals, Inc.

Lance Sullivan, fleet product and service manager, Sunstate Equipment Co.

Larry Zaback, chief operating officer, Coast Crane Co.

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