04/06/2013 - 16:03 pm

Lloyds British Testing Launches Handheld System


Birmingham, UK-based lifting equipment specialist Lloyds British Testing will launch a unique handheld system to record data and report from the job site.

The unit will improve efficiency of not only engineers’ time on site, but the speed that reports are delivered to the customer along with the accuracy of that information.

Engineers enter an asset number and set the status (safe to use, not safe, missing, etc). When jobs have been completed the engineer will be able to synchronise the data recorded within the handheld system, back to head office where the report is checked and signed off and released to the customer.

Engineers can also go off site onto oil rigs, ships or other remote locations without internet access and use the system as normal. 

Gus Zona, managing director, Lloyds British Testing, said: “The traditional method of engineers taking paper reports on to site (sometimes having over 1,500 pages), then hunting through the report to find the asset to be inspected was time consuming. With this new handheld system the engineer can do his job much more efficiently. Being able to use this system offshore is a huge benefit.”

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